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Minrosin’ Hanna’s CG

For Samayuuni, Adi and I are working collaboratively on all the artwork! I thought it’d be fun to talk a little bit about how we do it.

Generally, we talk a lot back and forth about the CG. A second set of eyes really helps! Hanna’s CG had the most drastic change from my first sketches -> Adi’s render, since she went back and fixed the angling/proportions of it significantly.

A big part of working with another artist is recognizing each other’s strengths and trying to uplift them as much as possible! Adi and I decided early on that most of the sketches would be done by me, and most of the rendering by her. As in the case of Hanna’s CG, though, it ended up being about 50/50 with both steps. I have a lot of fun filling in empty space (the polaroids, hat on the wall, poster, lights etc…), but none of that would be possible if I didn’t have a really strong foundation to go work on. Adi brought in beautiful colors to the CG – look how it went from plain green shadows to having lovely yellow and pink undertones!

We’ll have more Samayuuni content coming up for you soon. Which girl are you most excited to learn more about? 👀