Dev Blog

Welcome to the Studio Élan developer blog!

Something we’ve always wanted to do is foster a more open, transparent approach to how we make our games. After all, a lot goes on behind the scenes of our hilarious Twitter posts and CG updates! This dev log will serve as a diary for all of us to write in. Sometimes we’ll talk about art, or post progress shots, or just muse about how development is going. We hope you’ll check back from time to time on the ramblings of Studio Élan! And maybe, some personal posts from yours truly, too.

As mascot, my job is probably the busiest of all. I manage our help/questions/comments desk! Send me a message anytime, I’ll be sure to pass on your messages to the right people. Or keep it to myself~.

Anyway, I’ve gotta run! Keep your eyes peeled for new posts any day now, featuring progress updates from our staff on any of our recently teased titles.

Love, Melanie

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