miho 900


Birthday: August 15th
Likes: Sugar
Dislikes: Rainy days

Her earliest memories are of her time as a fox, and the kind human she met back then. Now more than just a fox, she's spent her life searching for that person. Her journey has brought her to a new life in Wellington, New Zealand.

She changes her name every time she goes to a new country. Her previous names include Gumi, Migu, and Mimi.
CV: Dottovu

aspen 900


Birthday: September 24th
Likes: 18 shots of espresso
Dislikes: Dog-eared book pages

A human girl in love with words and stories. A barista at the Bellhouse Café, she dreams of being a popular author someday. She tries to take a little inspiration from every person that she meets.

She has an hour long phone call with her mom every weekend.
CV: Anna Chloey Moorey

juliet 900


Birthday: May 11th
Likes: New Zealand Breakfast Tea
Dislikes: Bugs

As a vampire, she's one of Wellington's oldest residents. She's made the treasures of her life open to all in the form of a library. Aside from books, she also provides wisdom, kindness, and shelter to those who need it.

She dislikes having to resort to echolocation to find her reading glasses.
CV: Shara Kirby