Bellhouse is our publishing wing, where we help promote titles that weren't made by us but that fit our values. Our first few projects are side projects of Studio Élan members and friends. The current list of Bellhouse games include:

Criteria for Publishing

While we don't have a strict list of criteria that we're looking for in titles that we publish, there are a few general guidelines.

  • For one, all of our content revolves around LGBT+ women. That means that your game should, too.
  • We're looking for titles where the protagonist is a woman or nonbinary person.
  • If your game has romance in it, at least half of the romantic options should be LGBT+ women.

We're big fans of fantasy, and especially witchy things, but that's not a must-have. We're happy to take a look at non-commercial projects too!

If your project fits the above criteria, we'll definitely consider it! This means you can submit any work that fulfills these bullet points, even if it's not a visual novel. We're interested in seeing your work: be it a light novel, comic, music video, etc!

What We Can Offer

Right now we're only publishing on PC platforms, but are looking into console publishing in the future. In addition to marketing and promotion, we can also provide merchandise production and printing physical media. We're also here to help during the development process, assisting with music, programming, and just about anything else you could need. We have some limited funding opportunities, as well.

Say meowdy & More

If you wanna talk about publishing with us, send an email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you.