Translating Our Games

If you’re interested in translating one of our titles to another language, then first of all: Thanks! We’re flattered.

Please fill out this form and we’ll send you the script files ASAP. If you finish your translation, we’re happy for you to share it with others as a patch (we’ll provide a way for you to change the game to your language), but please don’t redistribute our game as a whole.
Optionally, feel free to send us completed translations and we may include them in the game itself, although this is at our sole discretion, and not every completed translation will be included. We don’t have an experience requirement or anything like that, but we do take a look at it when considering whether or not to add your translation to the official game.

Additionally, while you’ll always be credited for your work, we reserve the right to make any modifications or changes to translations that we distribute in the game.

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    Have you or your team translated other games previously? Which ones? (※ Required)

    Other notes, if any: