Heart of the Woods

Heart of the Woods is our take on a fairy tale. That is, it’s a tale and it has fairies. It has romance and betrayal, magic and villains, and questionable moral decisions. It’s a sort of love letter to the kinds of stories that we grew up on, and to the kinds of stories we wish we’d had.

Maddie Raines is the editor and manager for her best friend Tara’s ridiculously popular vlog, Taranormal. Together, the two of them have investigated just about every cryptid and ghost story out there, but never finding anything substantial. Maddie’s expecting more of the same when they travel to a remote German village to look into the legend of a giant forest spirit referred to them by one of their fans.

Departing across the ocean just days after Maddie’s decided to quit the show, this trip is supposed to be their last one together. Something’s different this time, though. This time, Maddie finds something: Abigail, the ghost of a girl who lived in the village centuries ago. And the story of the curse that lead to her sacrifice. A curse that has never been broken.

Heart of the Woods is a frigid and magical story, told with all the softness of fresh fallen snow. It features vividly gorgeous art by Rosuuri and anckp, and is Rosuuri’s first ever 18+ game project.

Get the Heart of the Woods press kit here.

Heart of the Woods is available now on Itch.io and Steam!