Summer at the Edge of the Universe

Take to the stars with Summer Nansen and her friends on an intergalactic adventure to the very boundaries of existence!

After drifting apart for several years, a chance encounter brings four best friends back together for the journey of a lifetime. For Summer Nansen (CV: Angel Haven Rey), this trip is not only a chance to rekindle old friendships, but also to discover what it is she wants out of life. Alongside a new robot friend named Curiosity, the four girls travel from planet to planet, exploring the natural wonders and diverse alien cultures that they come across. Their journey culminates at the borderline of existence itself: the very edge of the universe.

The game features three routes, each centered around one of Summer's friends. Every route contains both romantic and platonic endings. More fantasy than sci-fi, Summer aims to be a positive and uplifting experience, with one of the core tenets for the game being "good vibes only."

Let's take the first step together.

Listen to our audio logs from outer space, featuring the voices from the main cast.

Original Soundtrack

by Sarah Mancuso.


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To the stars.

We hope you'll follow us on this journey into the universe.
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Staff & Collaborators

Josh Kaplan
Director, writer

Theo Minute


Syon Abernathie
Writer, voice director


Artist, graphic designer

Sarah Mancuso



Amos Yan, Invpanda
Background artist

Ari North


Social media & PR manager

Mado Callie

Social media & PR manager

Voice Cast

Angel Haven Rey
as Summer Nansen

Elissa Park
as Quinn Son

Lisa Reimold
as Hanna Reed

Michelle Marie
as Izzy Lancaster

as Curiosity