Sherri Cohen

DOB: 7 January 1990
Hobby: Collecting stuffed animals
Favourite Food: Coffee Cake

A former Magical Girl turned private eye, Sherri "Sherlock" Cohen uses her powers of clairvoyance to solve crimes nobody else can.

Logical, tough, and self-reflective, Sherri has a soft and sensitive side that only her wife Kealey is allowed to see. However, the uncertain future of a life without powers will test her resolve more than anything has before.


Kealey Cohen

DOB: 7 March 1990
Hobby: Knitting
Favorite Food: Takoyaki

Kealey always enjoyed the life of a Magical Girl more than her wife Sherri. Still making use of her shapeshifting abilities to the fullest, you'd never guess that such a soft and compassionate woman was one of the must successful cat burglars in Chicago.

Full of love, laughter, and zest for life, Kealey is a wonderful presence everywhere she goes.


Ruby Thompson

DOB: 1 February 2004
Hobby: Writing Poetry
Favorite Food: Popcorn

Ruby "Nightshade" Thompson, a brand new Magical Girl, considers herself a true creature of the night as she uses her powers of invisibility to blend into the shadows. Fully immersed in her dark and mysterious role, the truth is that Ruby's edgy persona masks a deep insecurity and anxiety about her new life. Will the guidance of three veteran Magical Girls give her enough strength to stand on her own? Or is she doomed to hide behind a mask forever?


Nina Alencar

DOB: 6 April 1989
Hobby: Racquetball
Favorite Food: Strawberry Cheesecake

What is there to say about Miss Nina that her avid fans haven't said already? A longtime friend and former Magical Girl partner of Sherri and Kealey, the bright and bubbly Nina went from a life of fighting Consumed to a life in the spotlight as one of the world's biggest pop stars. These days, "Chicago's favorite daughter" mostly uses her powers of teleportation to avoid paparazzi, but her magical girl style still influences her looks to this day. #stannina!