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It’s Technically Winter and Quinn is Love

Meowdy! minute here with a devblog post, just updating The World on what i’m personally working on in Élan

Samayuuni art dev is going really well! adi and i call ourselves “minrose” as our art name, and minrose is kami. together, we’re working on a ton of the first CGs, design sheets, and more! we work really well together and mostly: god it’s so fun. our first cg is quinn’s, one of the 3 samayuuni love interests

i would do anything for you (they/she). their first sketch

i’m writing their route! i can’t wait to show nyall more of them… anyway tho! our workflow ATM is

  • I sketch out the scene/character/etc
  • I add rough light + color mood references (left column of picture below)
  • Adi and I talk a lot and i fix up the sketch, she’ll fix up the sketch, we talk anatomy, etc~
  • Adi starts rendering! cleans up the sketch, refines the colors, adds light, fixes things… (right column 1 + 2)
  • i take a render pass! this keeps us Fresh while adi goes to work on all the other CGs. i render misc things, add new things, touch up some lighting fx… (right column 3)
  • this goes on forever until we finally leave it alone
still working on a final pass, but here’s a progress shot!

the moral of this story is adi is amazing, quinn is love, and collaborating on samayuuni has been so AWESOME already that i can’t wait to show u all what we have in store! btw ask me questions about quinn on our curiouscat

if you want us to write about anything in particular you can feel free to request it there as well! it’s all anonymous so. go wild lol

thanks for reading! ★ minute

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