About Us

Melanie 4

What is Élan?

Élan is a feeling of energy and life. It describes the feeling we want to base our games around. We want to create games that are effervescent, full of vigor and imagination and wonder. Games that when you walk away make you look at the world in a different way. We don't want to change the world, just the way the world looks at itself.

Who We Are

Studio Élan is a small yuri game development studio, formed by one of the creators of the visual novel Highway Blossoms. Élan was created with a specific vision of telling yuri love stories combined with magic and fantasy. We want our stories to be vivid and colorful, though maybe not always so happy. We want our readers to be thinking about our games and characters for days and weeks after finishing them. We want you to look forward to our next release. We hope that you'll support us.

PS: Our mascot's name is Melanie.