Summer Nansen

Intergalactic Daydreamer

D.O.B: June 20
Likes:  Growing things, good conversation
Dislikes: Questions about the future

Summer's tired of being left behind.

While her friends are surely off discovering the universe, she's never left the tiny home planet they came from. Stuck spinning her wheels, she's felt lost and aimless for a long time now. Although she doesn't mind life on Florell and its quiet, peaceful life, she's desperate for something to change. Something to be exciting again.

Join her at the very edge of the universe itself.

cv. Angel Haven Rey

Quinn Son

Interplanetary Voyager

Likes: Instant meals, old tech
Dislikes: Software updates, asteroid belts

Five years ago, Quinn disappeared into the stars without a trace.

As an observer to history, they explore forgotten planets and write poetry among their ruins. They don't do it alone, though. Their robot buddy Curiosity goes with them everywhere, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Follow them and explore the loneliest reaches of the universe together.

cv. Elissa Park

Hanna Reed

(aspiring) Planetary Designer

Likes: Puzzles, planners
Dislikes: Group projects, birthday parties

For as long as she can recall, Hanna's had one dream: to be a planetary engineer, and design planets for people to live on.

Seeking inspiration from every place that she visits, Hanna wants to leave behind a legacy of wonder and awe. She just has to imagine it first. As her time at university draws to a close and her dream is on the verge of coming true, Hanna has basically her whole life planned out already. Until the feelings she thought she buried long ago are rekindled, and she realizes she wants just a little bit more.

Dream up a future worth passing down together with her.

cv. Lisa Reimold

Isabella "Izzy" Lancaster

Hot-blooded Hotshot

Likes: Hot showers, music
Dislikes: Feeling tied down, broken promises

As daring as she is stubborn, Izzy is a dark matter farmer with a knack for finding trouble in her boundless pursuit of freedom.

Growing up, she dreamed of one day joining the Peace Rangers and living a life of adventure, but things never quite shook out the way she wanted them to. Now, after four years of spinning her wheels in an endless cycle of farming, empty fun, and dreaming, Izzy's zest for life is back in full force.

Join Izzy on the adventure of a lifetime!

cv. Michelle Marie