Amber Golley (cv. Katie Dagnen)

Ever since the festival, Amber’s been following Marina’s lead. It’s a nice change for her, having something to care about.

While she’s not exactly thrilled about going back to Las Vegas, she’s willing to do it for Marina’s sake. After all, someone’s gotta look out for her.

Marina Hale (cv. Jill Harris)

At Marina’s request, she and Amber head back to Las Vegas to attend an alien-themed convention at the Stratosphere. More importantly, it’s Tess’s birthday, and Marina’s determined to make sure she has a good time.

Things have been better between Amber and Marina, but sometimes, she still feels like Amber isn’t quite taking her seriously.

Tess Pastorius (cv. Lisa Reimold)

Tess’ 11th birthday is coming up. She has simple pleasures: nice flowers, texting Marina, cozy spaces where she fits. Seeing Marina for her birthday is something she’s looking forward to.

There aren’t too many of those, sadly.

Mariah Pastorius (cv. Elissa Park)

Always on the lookout for another “get rich quick” scheme, Mariah takes her crew back to Vegas in her constant pursuit of wealth.

And maybe for Tess’s sake too, but that’s more of an afterthought.

Joseph Nowell (cv. Freddie Heinz)

Joe’s worried about Tess. Someone has to be. She’s been down for a while, moreso than usual. And he’s been racking his brain about how to fix it.

Joe claims to not know that much about people, but he knows a lot about being sad. And that sometimes, it’s hard to talk about. He’s determined to help Tess out.

Cassi Bell (cv. Kayli Mills)

After years of spinning her wheels, Cassi’s decided to make a change in her life. Rather than be stuck at a cashier for a store she doesn’t care about forever, she’s decided to follow her passion into sweetsmaking and try to make it on her own.

When Amber and Marina walk in her door one day, Cassi’s pretty sure it must be destiny.