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    HotW Ending Theme & Release Date Announcement

    Today is the Winter Solstice. The shortest day, and the longest night of the year. It’s a day when magic could happen. We’re excited to introduce a bit of magic of our own. For a while, we’ve been hinting at the Heart of the Woods ending theme, and just how great it’s gonna be. Today, we get to tell you why that is: it’s composed by one of our favorite musicians, In Love With a Ghost, and features Ukuletea on vocals. You can hear a snippet of the track and see the cover art below. It was drawn by our very own minute! To hear the full version of the…

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    Happy New Year 2019!

    As the year reaches its end, we wanted to take some time to reflect on everything that we’ve accomplished in 2018, as well as extend a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who’s been a part of it. -We released two teasers of our upcoming releases: the Heart of the Woods demo, and The Waters Above: Prelude. Not only that, but we also released an episode of Taranormal for Halloween. Between Steam and Itch.io, our demos have over 10,000 downloads. That’s ten thousand people who were interested enough in what we do to check out our games. Or… at least a few people were just really devoted to downloading the files…

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    Release Date Update

    We wanted to provide a quick update on our estimated release schedule for Heart of the Woods and The Waters Above. We know that a lot of you have been patiently waiting for December, since that was our original estimate for HotW. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to have the game ready by then. The upside though is that we shouldn’t be missing it by much. Right now we’re looking at sometime in January or February for a release. The vast majority of music and art are complete for the game, and what isn’t done should be finished before the end of December. We’re anticipating having the script…

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    Halloween Approaches… TARANORMAL is Revealed!

    Happy Halloween to all! On the most spooky of days, we are so happy we get to share a special treat with everyone. Introducing TARANORMAL. Join Tara and Maddie as they go through some Frightful Fanart, play Trick or Truth, and more. From the itch.io page, Long ago, on a dark and stormy night…just like this one… A young, brave, charming, funny, successful, attractive, courageous, and currently available woman came up with an idea for the single greatest supernatural investigation show of all time: TARANORMAL. Who was that woman, you might ask? It was ME! (and Maddie(but mostly me)) Since then, it’s been our mission to bring you the most in-depth, in-teresting, and…

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    A Taranormal Tee-Off!

    Hey, everyone! Our Twitter just hit a milestone of 3,000 followers, so to celebrate, we’re holding a contest and a giveaway!   For our contest, all you need to do is take these bases of Tara’s t-shirt and draw in the most Tara-tastic design you can think of on it! Make sure you’re following us on Twitter, then tweet it at us with the catchy alliterative hashtag #TaranormalTeeOff. Like, retweet, and otherwise share those posts like something that gets spread around a lot, and we’ll pick our favorite from the lot. The winner will receive an official Heart of the Woods flyer illustrated signed by Rosuuri, HotW’s character & CG artist,…

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    The Waters Above: Prelude has Launched!

    The Waters Above: Prelude is now live on Steam and Itch.io! TWA:P is a free prequel to The Waters Above consisting of four short episodes that serve as an introduction to the characters and their world! It is all brand new content that will not be part of the main game, but does provide some background and context for it. If you're interested please consider checking it out! We'd like to thank the whole team for making this possible! Minute for her dedication and creativity when programming. Adirosa for her wonderful and elegant GUI, Astartus for the beautiful soundtrack, and Josh for his support encourangement and guidance. And of course we'd…

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    Patreon Launched!

    We just launched a Patreon page! If you’re not familiar, Patreon is a site that allows you to pledge money to creators on a monthly basis, in exchange for different kinds of rewards. We launched ours in the hopes of raising funds to add extra content to our games, as well as allowing us to work on other, smaller projects. You can get access to stuff like behind-the-scenes posts, Patreon-exclusive bonus content, and even early access to some of our games when possible. Our highest tier will also let you hear about some of our unannounced projects that we’ve been working on behind the scenes… Every little bit helps, even…

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    Heart of the Woods Demo Release

    At long last, we are pleased to announce that the Heart of the Woods demo is now live on Steam and itch.io! Heart of the Woods is a fantasy yuri visual novel about uncovering ancient secrets, encountering incredible supernatural entities, and falling deeply in love with a lesbian ghost. When Maddie Raines begrudgingly agrees to one last supernatural expedition for her best friend Tara’s paranormal vlog channel before she quits for good, she doesn’t expect that the two of them will end up with a lot more than they bargained for. With the help of Morgan, the local eccentric (and a huge fan of Tara’s show), the three of them…

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    Heart of the Woods Adult Patch

    Hey everyone!! We all know what you're here for so let's get right to it! Just download the file below and drop it into the game folder letting it overwrite anything it may want to! For Steam users, that'll be steam\steamapps\common\heart of the woods\game. For itch.io users that's wherever you unzipped the game to!! Click Here to Download We hope you have as much fun with it as Maddie and Abby did!

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    Anime Central 2018

    Hey everyone, We’re a little bit slow about posting here on the website, oops. If you haven’t heard, a couple of us are going to be at Anime Central in Chicago, Illinois this week! Most importantly, in collaboration with Sekai Project, we’re extremely super duper really excited to be bringing Rosuuri to her first ever North American convention! Rosuuri is the character designer and illustrator for Heart of the Woods. She’s also worked with the studio founder, Josh, on the other visual novels Highway Blossoms and The Human Reignition Project. There will be several panels and autograph sessions with Rosuuri, hosted by Josh and Sekai Project. Check out the schedule below: Autograph Sessions: Friday, May…