Amber Golley (cv. Katie Dagnen)

A quiet cynic with a short temper, Amber is a lifelong loner, wrestling with the recent death of her only real family, her beloved grandfather. To cope, she drives through the desert in her inherited RV, drifting towards a music festival with nothing but her memories to keep her company. But things start to take a turn when she stumbles upon a bubbly girl broken down on the side of the road. Amber is initially skeptical of her, but maybe by helping this strange girl search for treasure, Amber can find what she’s looking for as well.

Marina Hale (cv. Jill Harris)

Marina was born and raised in the state of New Mexico, and until recently, was afraid she might die there too. But when the story of a gold miner’s hidden treasure takes the nation by storm, she uses the opportunity to bring some excitement into her sheltered life. Bubbly and naïve, Marina might be in a bit over her head, but with the help of her new friend, Amber, she may just get the adventure she always wanted.

Mariah Pastorius (cv. Elissa Park)

An abrasive alcoholic and overall terrible human being, Mariah has devoted her entire miserable existence to finding the gold miner’s mythical treasure. She claims to be the best treasure hunter around, but the only thing she seems to excel at is leaving a path of chaos and destruction in her wake.

Joseph Nowell (cv. Freddie Heinz)

One might think being the great-great-grandson of the famous gold miner would give Joe a vested interest in the hidden treasure, but that can’t be further from the truth. Joe wants nothing more than to spend his days sinking into the couch and taking afternoon naps. Unfortunately, someone needs to be Mariah’s wrangler, and as her lifelong (and only) friend, the responsibility falls to him.

Tess Pastorius (cv. Lisa Reimold)

Life isn’t easy when you’re Mariah’s little sister — just ask Tess. When she’s not getting dragged across the country to look for treasure, she’s busy trying not to be swallowed whole by her sister’s bombastic personality. Tess has learned to make the most of it though, choosing to quietly devote herself to crafts and her fascination with Americana.