The Waters Above: Prelude has Launched!


The Waters Above: Prelude is now live on Steam and! TWA:P is a free prequel to The Waters Above consisting of four short episodes that serve as an introduction to the characters and their world! It is all brand new content that will not be part of the main game, but does provide some background and context for it. If you're interested please consider checking it out!

We'd like to thank the whole team for making this possible! Minute for her dedication and creativity when programming. Adirosa for her wonderful and elegant GUI, Astartus for the beautiful soundtrack, and Josh for his support encourangement and guidance.

And of course we'd also like to thank Namie and Loika for the amazing art they provided!!

And finally, the guest artists for the promotional images we got from them. Kaneblob, SKYE, and Lacieon (as well as our very own minute and Adirosa). Please check out their work in the Extras gallery once youve finished the game!

(PS: If you've played the Heart of the Woods demo, we have a little surprise for you)


Get The Waters Above: Prelude free now on Steam or!