Halloween Approaches… TARANORMAL is Revealed!

Happy Halloween to all! On the most spooky of days, we are so happy we get to share a special treat with everyone.

Introducing TARANORMAL.

Join Tara and Maddie as they go through some Frightful Fanart, play Trick or Truth, and more. From the page,

Long ago, on a dark and stormy night…just like this one

A young, brave, charming, funny, successful, attractive, courageous, and currently available woman came up with an idea for the single greatest supernatural investigation show of all time: TARANORMAL. Who was that woman, you might ask? It was ME! (and Maddie(but mostly me))

Since then, it’s been our mission to bring you the most in-depth, in-teresting, and in-credible paranormal videos on the web! And what better way to celebrate the supernatural than an extra special Halloween livestream? It is the very best day of the year, after all.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy as me and Maddie celebrate this most wonderful of days with an awesome treat for all of you. I’m sure you’re all dying to see more of me, after all. Get it? Dying? I’m so funny.

Created in the span, of like, maybe three days total, this episode of Taranormal was brought to you by Rachel (mastermind), Minute (enabler), and Adirosa (Photoshop Goddess). We hope it’ll make you laugh (!!), cry (probably not), like, and subscribe (it’s what Tara would have wanted).

Come get it HERE!!

PS: Really though. You can blame Rachel for this.