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HotW Ending Theme & Release Date Announcement

Today is the Winter Solstice. The shortest day, and the longest night of the year. It’s a day when magic could happen. We’re excited to introduce a bit of magic of our own.

For a while, we’ve been hinting at the Heart of the Woods ending theme, and just how great it’s gonna be. Today, we get to tell you why that is: it’s composed by one of our favorite musicians, In Love With a Ghost, and features Ukuletea on vocals.

You can hear a snippet of the track and see the cover art below. It was drawn by our very own minute!

cover art by minute

To hear the full version of the song, you’ll have to wait until the game itself is out. Which brings us to our second piece of news.

We have, really for real this time, a release date planned for Heart of the Woods. It’ll be coming out early next year, on February 15. Keep your calendars clear! The game will be coming to Steam, Denpasoft, and on launch, as well as other platforms if we can. Please add Heart of the Woods to your Steam wishlist if you can – even if you plan to get it on a different platform (or not at all), simply having it in your wishlist will help us out a ton on launch.

Finally, for our Patreon patrons who support us at the beta access tiers: We’ll be putting out a beta for Heart of the Woods on December 26th that will be the entirety of Chapter 1 of the game.

About ILWAG: somewhere on an island, there is a little walking rock. everyday, it wanders around, in search of “friends.” it’s wondering what is the reality behind the concept of a “friend.” is it possible that it can be achieved by a rock? we sure have hope for this little buddy! this is also totally unrelated to the entity know as “in love with a ghost,” sorry

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About Ukuletea: Ukuletea, also known as Em, is a bisexual singer/songwriter from England. She uploads soft original songs, as well as covers in a soothing original style, to the Ukuletea youtube channel. The name should give you a hint about her main instrument!

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  • Doma

    Heart of the Woods is beautiful!

    Is there any way to get a key chain shipped to the UK? I’d really love to buy some 🙂