Heart of the Woods


Traveling to a remote village in the woods, Maddie and Tara have low expectations. The two run a popular online show focusing on the supernatural, but thus far it’s been nothing but smoke and mirrors. When they receive an invitation to the antiquated village of Eysenfeld, they’re expecting more of the same. But it soon becomes apparent that the locals are hiding a secret. Maddie sees unnatural beasts in the forest that she’s sure are products of her imagination. Lights in the woods flicker and sparkle but disappear if she gets too close.

In time she learns that the lights come from a girl named Abigail. Well, the ghost of a girl. She was sacrificed hundreds of years ago by the villagers to appease the god of the forest. Maddie devotes her time in Eysenfeld to getting to know Abigail, and eventually promises to break the curse that binds her to the woods.


Direct/Lead Writer: Josh Kaplan

Writer: Rachel Gruber

Character Artist/CG Artist: Rosuuri

Chapter Illustrations: Reneé Park

Background Artist: Grant Ferrell

Composer: Sarah Mancuso

Kris "Astartus" Flacke

Programming: MinuteMoca

Editor: Ally Kaye